Credit Card Debts

What to do if you have got credit card arrears. 

Credit cards are a popular way to buy items online and in shops and pay the money back in instalments later.

Use wisely and be useful, but not doing neither of these things can be an expensive way to loan and can take a very long time to repay.

In this section you will find credit card information and about how to pay your credit card debt. We will also highlight the things that you can do to help manage your credit card debts.

What happens if I have credit card arrears?

If you do not pay the minimum payment every month, your account will go into arrears. Your creditor will contact you to demand the missing payments that have not been paid. If you do not make an immediate payment, eventually the account will go into default and further action may be taken against you.

For more information on what action a credit card provider can take to collect a debt, see our section on what your creditors can do.


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Joint credit card debt

The law only allows a credit card account to be in one name so there is no such thing as a joint credit card. However, your credit card provider may let you have a second credit card for your partner or someone else to use.

If your card provider has given you a second card, you will be liable for all the money you have spent on both cards.

The second card holder is not liable for any of the debt. Even if the money you have spent is on the card with their name on it.

For this reason, we suggest you to think twice before asking for a second card.

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